Explosion Proof LED Light - 30 Watt LED - Quadpod Mount - 100' SOOW Cord - Hazlo Plug

Jan. 24, 2013

The Magnalight EPL-PM-1x30LED-TP1-100 Quadpod Mounted Explosion Proof LED Light is U.L. approved Class 1- Groups C and D and is rated for use in wet and marine environments. The quadpod mount and Par38 lamp used with this unit provides operators with excellent power and efficiency coupled with high versatility and ease of use.

This explosion proof LED light is mounted on our non-sparking collapsible quadpod, giving operators an easily deployable source of powerful light that can be quickly setup and adjusted to effectively illuminate hazardous work areas, then easily stowed and transported between uses. This unit uses a 30 watt Par38 LED lamp that produces 53,500 Lux at the lens and 1,980 Lux at 1 meter. The Par38 LED lamp produces more light than a typical 300 watt incandescent bulb while drawing only 30 watts and a tenth of the amps. The light produced has a 5500 Kelvin color which is bright white compared to typical incandescent or halogen lamps and results in more effective color rendering and contrast.

The LED lamp runs at a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the 198 degree average of a 300 watt incandescent, resulting in an easier to handle unit and less heat in the workspace. This unit's durability, easy deployment, high power and good color rendering make it ideal for first responders and emergency services.

EPL-PM-1x30LED-TP1-100 Quadpod Mounted U.L. Ratings
UL Listing: United States Class 1 Groups C and D
Dimensions Lamp Only: W-12"  L-13 3/16"  H-16 3/4" Outdoor Marine Wet Area
Weight: 51 Lbs including Quadpod ECP1523 Hazardous Location Plug
Total Watts: 30 watts UL Certified- U.S.
Voltage: 120V-60hz  220V-50hz  240V-60hz 
Low Voltage (Optional): 12-24V DC
LED Lamp Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hours
Efficiency: 66 Lumens per Watt
Operating Temp Range: T3C rated
Beam Angle: N/A Special Orders- Requirements
Color Temp: 5500K- Contact us for special requirements
Mounting: Non Sparking Extendible Quadpod
Wiring: 100 ft SOOW Cord ECP1523 plug
Warranty: YES- 3 Years*
U.L Approval: U.S Certificate 

*3 year warranty replacement on this LED light (or LED bulbs for light fixtures with removable LED bulbs). After 30 days, the customer ships the failed LED light and/or LED bulb to Larson Electronics’ Magnalight at their expense. If the failure is a manufacturer defect, we will ship a new replacement to the customer. If failure occurs within 30 days of receipt, Larson Electronics Magnalight will provide a return label via email to the customer. When the failed light is returned, Magnalight will ship a new replacement.