Non-Contact Magnetic Couplings

July 13, 2018
Miki Pulley's couplings provide a clean and quiet operation.

Magnetic Couplings offer a design that incorporates rare earth neodymium magnets in the assembly to transmit torque. These models simply transmit torque by pairing opposite magnetic poles via the input and output hubs, without physical engagement. 


The couplings have an intended engineered torque limit at a specific air gap. The transmittable maximum torque may be adjusted by increasing / decreasing distance between coupling hubs.  Depending on model, size, and installed air-gap, the magnetic couplings’ upper torque limit may be exceeded without mechanical damage. The hub simply slips to the next magnetic pole, without noise or mechanical wear.  This magnetically engaged, physically separated coupling is an ideal torque limiting device.


Their non-contact design is clean and quiet operating with no vibration. It has a “softer” start/stop function compared to conventional, general purpose couplings. Applications include automation including certain types of assembly systems, pumps, compressors and transmissions in closed containers.


  • 4 different models in multiple sizes available
  • Torque: 2.66 in-lb. to 1610 in-lb. (0.3 to 182 Nm)
  • Bore size range: 8 – 55 mm on butt shaft configurations