Wire Cutters for The Toughest Jobs

June 9, 2017
Aven creates cutters with an easy open and close process

Accu-Cut Hardwire cutters and Technik Tungsten Carbide cutters are the tools to get through the toughest materials. Both cutters are designed for materials such as stents, catheters, nitinol, guide wires, and single / multiple fillers.


The Accu-Cut Hardwire cutters are made of steel alloy with brazed carbide inserts and have a hardness rating of 80-82 HRC. Coming in 10 assorted styles, these tools make hardwire cutting a simplicity.  


The Technik Tungsten Carbide cutters have exceptional durability with a hardness rating of 80-85 HRC. This specific design is available in Flush or Semi-Flush styles.


Both designs are equipped with dual-leaf springs for an easy open and close as well as ESD-safe grips and a highly polished mirror finish.

Technik Tungsten Carbide: 80-85 HRC

Accu-Cut Hardwire: 80-82 HRC