Maximum Free Passage FullJet Nozzles

Feb. 7, 2013

Spraying Systems Co. has expanded the MFP (Maximum Free Passage) FullJet full cone nozzle line to include 1-1/2?, 2?, 2-1/2? and 3? sizes for applications with flow rates up to 705 gpm (2670 lpm) and 80 psi (6 bar). The MFP FullJet line now includes nozzles ranging from 3/8? to 3? sizes. All are available in 316 stainless steel and sizes up to 1-1/4? are also available with brass bodies. MFP FullJet nozzles feature a unique vane design and the largest free passage of any conventional full cone nozzle. 

They are ideal for any application which is affected by clogging problems due to recirculated liquids or debris, including washdown, process and gas cooling, flue gas desulfurization, food processing, dust suppression, fire protection, foam control and waste water aeration. The ability to allow passage of larger particles reduces clogging and provides increased production time and longer service intervals without maintenance. 

Product loss or scrap caused by distorted spray patterns due to blocked flow passages is also decreased. MFP FullJet nozzles allow free passage of particles 30 to 75% larger than those allowed by standard full cone nozzles. MFP FullJet nozzles also produce a more uniform, true full cone spray pattern than other large free passage nozzles. Other large free passage full cone nozzles produce a pattern more similar to a hollow cone spray pattern with heavy edges and light centers. The MFP FullJet full cone spray pattern provides more effective, consistent coverage and ensures product and process quality.

  • 1-1/2?, 2?, 2-1/2? and 3? sizes
  • up to 705 gpm (2670 lpm) and 80 psi (6 bar)