Cougar Vibrating Tables are designed to settle a broad range of bulk materials, helping packagers and manufacturers compact a variety of bulk solids with different densities and particle sizes. All models are equipped with a variable-frequency drive and digital readout for exceptionally consistent vibration cycles. Originally developed for use in packaging applications, the rugged industrial tables are now finding utility in manufacturing precast countertops, architectural panels, pavers and other concrete products.  The heavy-duty construction and reliability of the units are also proving to be key benefits in product testing applications, as engineers employ the tables to develop consistent, repeatable durability testing for components and finished designs. 

All vibrating tables from Martin Engineering are equipped with Cougar® Electric Vibrators, an industry-leading brand that has earned a reputation for performance and longevity through six decades of industrial service.  Cougar Vibration was acquired by Martin Engineering in 2010.  Available in working heights of 30" and 36" for operator convenience, Cougar® Vibrating Tables feature pneumatic isolation for quiet, efficient operation.  Standard designs can be ordered in 24" x 24", 36" x 36" and 36" x 72" sizes, all with an adjustable table lip that’s also easily removable.Depending on the application, the tables can be equipped with a pair of counter-rotating vibrators to suit specific bulk materials. Martin Engineering offers all models on casters or with bolt-ready feet, in standard voltages from 115V to 575V.

  • compact a variety of bulk solids
  • variable-frequency drive
  • digital readout