B&K Precision today announced its new 9170/9180 series of programmable dual range power supplies. These nine models provide clean and precise power up to 210 W in various configurations of voltage as high as 600 V and current as high as 20 A. Each model offers two ranges of voltage and current output along with modular interface slots for remote interface configurability. Arriving in rack-mountable, single and dual output model configurations, these DC power supplies are suitable for challenging bench and ATE applications in design engineering labs and electronics manufacturing. 

Demanding applications in R&D and manufacturing need more performance than a typical bench power supply. They require exceptionally clean and stable power, which equates to a power supply with very low ripple and noise, low temperature coefficients, excellent regulation, and fast transient response time characteristics. Models in the 9170/9180 series feature excellent line and load regulation less than 0.01% + 1mV, 0.01% + 250uA, ripple and noise less than 0.35mVrms, a full numerical keypad with vertical and horizontal cursors for direct entry of voltage and current values, front and rear panel output terminals, remote sense terminals, and a standard SCPI compliant USB interface for remote control. 

Unique to the 9170/9180 series is its modular interface design and special LED test modes. Users have the option to choose from up to 4 different types of interface cards, which include: LAN and GPIB, Digital I/O and Analog Control, RS485, or RS232. These cards can be easily installed at any time when needed into either of the two modular interface card slots on the power supply’s rear panel. LED test modes can be used to minimize inrush current for safe testing of LEDs.

  • clean and precise power up to 210 W
  • voltage as high as 600 V
  • current as high as 20 A