DC/DC Converters - WAGO Corp

Feb. 7, 2013

WAGO Corporation’s Engineering Services Division has developed DC/DC Converters that pack the characteristics of a 110 V power supply into a 6mm-wide DIN-rail terminal block. Traditionally, driving low-current circuits, e.g., analog transducers at 10 V, within a control panel requires an extra 110 V power supply. The 859 Series DC/DC Converters eliminate redundant power supplies for 5–12 V applications, including running 24 VDC sensors and other controls on battery power.  The touch-safe, 859 Series DC/DC Converters may also trim safety-related expenses. 

Engineering Services manager, Carey Perschke, explains that costs increase exponentially when isolating control panel segments for low-voltage circuits.  “Power supplies require safety-related items such as touchguards and requisite labeling,” Perschke says. “The DC/DC converters enable the input/output to reside in the panel’s low-voltage portion. Snap them on DIN-rail like terminal blocks — no extra protective measures required.” All 859 Series DC/DC Converters feature short-circuit protected outputs, reverse voltage protection (input) and TVS diode protection. Line regulation from 0.5% to 2% (varies per model) ensures power consistency. Efficiency up to 85% limits heat generation and power draw.

  • eliminate redundant power supplies