Class 1 Division 2 Fluorescent Light -2 Foot 2 lamp - 220 Volts 50hz - Corrosion Resistant Requireme

Jan. 28, 2013

The Magnalight HALP-24-2L-220V Hazardous Area Fluorescent Light Fixture is U.S./ Canada U.L. approved Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D - UL 1598A listed, has a T4A temperature rating and is specifically designed to handle the rigors of wet and corrosive marine environments.

The HALP-24-2L-220V hazardous area fluorescent light fixture is designed for use in wet areas and saltwater-marine environments where corrosion resistance is critical to equipment longevity and safety. This Class 1 Division 2 rated fixture is constructed of non-corrosive materials including a polyester housing reinforced with glass fiber, a poured in gasket for reliable sealing and an impact resistant acrylic diffuser. Corrosion resistant stainless steel latches secure the lamp cover to the housing and provide a firm lock against the poured in seal to prevent drips and water intrusion. This fixture is UL 844 rated and Class 1 Division II, Groups A, B, C, D approved. The HALP-24-2L-220V also carries a UL 1598A outdoor marine rating and meets US Coast Guard specifications. This lamp ideal for hazardous areas where corrosion resistance is mandatory and space limitations require a compact lighting solution.HALP-24-2L-220V Hazardous AreaU.L. Ratings UL Listings: United States - Canada Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D Dimensions: W-8.25 " L-26 " H-7" UL 844 Weight: 5 LbsUL 1598A Marine Type (Salt water) California Title 24 Compliant Total Watts: 48 watts* Voltage: 220V-50hz Total Lumens: STD-T5-HO Bulbs 5,000 Lamp Life Expectancy: STD-T5-HO Bulbs 20,000 Hours Efficiency: STD-T5-HO Bulbs 92 Lumens per Watt Operating Temp Range: T4A Rated -30 C to 70 CMinimum Operating Temp: -30 CMaximum Case Temp: 90 C
Beam Angle: N/A
Color Temp: 5000K- T5-HO Bulbs
Mounting: Flange type stainless steel
Wiring Hub: 1/2 inch threaded

U.L Approval: U.S Certificate Canada Certificate

Meets US Coast Guard specifications.