.500kva Outdoor Rated Transformer - Input 120/240 volts on 50/60hz -12 or 24 V Output - Weatherproof

Jan. 28, 2013

The Magnalight TX-500-120-240-50-60 500kva power transformer converts 110-120/220-240 VAC at 50/60hz to 12 or 24 VDC and is ideal for powering 12 or 24 volt based lights and equipment.

This .500kva, coil based power transformer accepts 110-220 or 220-240 VAC electrical current and provides 12 volts at 25 amps or 24 volts at 12.5 amps via a 1 foot SOOW cord depending upon the chosen configuration. The transformer in this unit is encased within a weatherproof NEMA 3R rated enclosure and produces minimal interference with the wireless radio receivers often found in remote controlled lighting equipment such as Golight wireless remote controlled spotlights.

The primary input on this unit accepts either 120 or 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz depending upon configuration and is connected through a 5 foot SOOW cord. Output from this unit delivers 12 Volts at 25 amps or 24 Volts at 50 amps DC depending upon the unit’s configuration. This unit is preconfigured for specific current input and output before shipping. Please select your desired current voltages from the drop down boxes below when ordering.

TX-500-120-240-50-60 500kva Power Transformer
Line In: 110-220VAC@50Hz or 220-240 VAC@60Hz
Line Out: 12VDC -24VDC
KVA: .500
Rating: NEMA 3R Enclosure
Dimensions: 10”-H x 6”-W x 6”- D
Wiring: Input- 5' SOOW Cord  Output-1' SOOW Cord
Mounting: Surface Mount