Optical Incremental Encoders - Baumer Electric Ltd

Feb. 7, 2013
For high-precision sensing applications where absolute accuracy and  signal quality are critical, Baumer Ltd. has introduced the OptoPulse EIL580 family of 58 mm optical incremental encoders. Available in various mechanical designs, the OptoPulse EIL580 family includes clamping flange encoders with 10 mm solid shafts, synchro flange encoders with 6mm solid shafts, and 8 to 15 mm blind hollow shaft and through hollow shaft models. All encoders feature finely graduated disc increments that can provide 100 to 5000 impulses per turn to enhance productivity and control. 

Designed for high-precision applications, the optical sensing capability ensures absolute accuracy and consistent signal quality in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. Designed to be extremely robust, OptoPulse EIL580 encoders feature solid die-cast housings with massive 1.5 mm aluminum walls, short circuit-proof connections to guard against reverse polarity, and optional IP 67 protection. The encoders' unique ShaftLock feature protects the bearing pack from misalignment and prevents the code disc from damage caused by excessive shaft load. Excellent shock protection to 300 g and vibration protection to 30 g increase the encoders' reliability and precision. 

OptoPulse EIL580 installation is quick and easy.  The encoders feature M12 or M23 connectors and cable outlets in varied lengths for connection flexibility, and a comprehensive range of mounting accessories such as stator and shaft couplings, torque support and peripheral equipment like measuring wheels.

  • solid die-cast housings
  • 1.5 mm aluminum walls
  • short circuit-proof connections