Socket, Relay; 5-Blade,Snap-Mount/Surface Mount,250V,10A

Feb. 20, 2013
10 A, 300 V Voltage Rating, 5 Number of Pins, SocketsSnap-mount sockets are designed to mount on BNDN-1000 mounting rail. The built-in mounting clip eliminates mounting hardware and reduces mounting time by eighty percent. For spacing between adjoining sockets, use SA-406 DIN rail spacer. Spacers : 0.197"" in width. Spacing can be adjusted according to the amount of spacers added. To prevent sideward movement, use BNL-5 end clip at each end of socket row.To Mount: Place socket on mounting rail and press down.To Remove: Pull clip out with screwdriver and lift socket.
  • Mating Relay Series: RH1B
  • Hold Down Spring: SY2S-02F1
  • Hold Down Clip: SFA-101 (top notch), SFA-202 (side notch)
    SH and SY series panel mount sockets are designed to mount collectively in panel cut-outs. Insert socket with mounting springs facing the top and bottom edge of the panel cut-out. Push the socket until the mounting spring clips onto the panel. 
  • Type: Blade  |  Number of Pins: 5  |  Current, Rating: 10A  |  Width: 0.707in.  |  Number of Contacts: 5  |  Height: 1.063in.  |  Voltage, Rating: 300V  |  Mounting: DIN Rail/Panel Surface  |  Voltage Rating: 300V  |  Current Rating: 10A  |  Length: 1.22in.  |  Diameter, Hole: 0.102in.  |