CPC Connector, Receptacle w/Mounting Holes, 4 Pos., Size 11,Reverse Sex,Series 1

Feb. 12, 2013
Connector, Receptacle, Number of Positions 4, Plastic Shell, Thermoplastic Housing, Black ColorCPC Connectors provide a substantial savings in weight and cost through the use of a plastic shell and a wide variety of pin and socket contacts. The various sizes and densities are supplied unloaded (without contacts). Recognized under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for 250 V service. UL File No. E28476. CSA Certified File No. LR 7189.  Series 1. Standard density, multimate contacts for normal unsealed operations.  Materials: 94 V-1 rated, heat stabilized, fire resistant, self extinguishing black thermoplastic.  Contacts not included — order as a separate item. Note: Maximum wire insulation dia. is 0.100 (2.54) except for arrangement 23-24 which will accept insulation dia. of 0.150 (3.81) max. These connectors use Series 1 contacts located on page .Type: Panel Socket  |  Brand/Series: Series 1  |  Color: Black  |  Gender: Receptacle  |  Material, Housing: Thermoplastic  |  Thickness, Panel: 0.125"  |  Application: Commercial  |  Special Features: Reverse Gender  |  Primary Type: Circular Plastic Connector  |  Mating Type: Threaded  |  Flammability Rating: UL94-V0  |  Mounting Type: Flanged  |  Diameter, Mounting Hole: 0.125"  |  Number of Contacts: 4  |  Diameter, Insulation: 0.1"  |  Insert Arrangement: 11-4  |  Shell Size: 11  |  Angle: Straight  |  Housing Type: Plastic  |