Extensive Expert Guidance for a Successful Truck Scale Purchase

March 4, 2013
Truck scales are an important investment used for many crucial business transactions. The scales are required to withstand the elements while performing reliably and accurately over their lifetime. However, little expert advice exists on what buyers should know about truck scales. METTLER TOLEDO recently published a free guide, “Truck Scale Buying Guide: Your Next Truck Scale — A Guide to Project Components,” that explains everything involved in the lifecycle of a truck scale. The guide explains the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of truck scales and it also describes how to effectively manage a truck scale installation project from start to finish. 

This educational tool covers everything a truck scale user or buyer needs to know, from how scales work and understanding regulatory requirements to site planning and maintenance. Unarmed with such knowledge, truck scale buyers could be making an unnecessary investment, or one that is not appropriate for their operation. This new educational tool offers extensive expert information useful to anyone buying a new truck scale, even from a competitor. However, “we openly admit that the more educated you are about truck scales, the more you see the value in METTLER TOLEDO’s,” says Vehicle Marketing Manager Stuart Thomas.