Gear Reducer

March 7, 2013

Baldor Electric Company introduces a line of shaft mount right-angle beltless Motorized Torque-Arm (MTA) reducers in a full range of 7 sizes from 3 to 100 HP and torque ratings up to 130,000 inch/lbs. This reducer mounts in multiple positions and is ideal for areas where standard belt driven reducers will not fit.   The MTA reducer features the patented Dodge twin tapered bushing system that not only makes installation and removal easy, but provides a sturdy, concentric grip of the driven shaft on both sides of the reducer. This eliminates the wobble and fretting corrosion associated with straight bore and single bushed reducers. Available in full length and short shaft systems, both guarantees maximum torque transmission.   

Engineered to perform in harsh conditions, the MTA has a patented premium sealing system with excluder seal technology for extra protection against contaminants and has a -40 F to +300 F temperature range. The reducer has an American Gear Manufacturers Association rated design, with all tapered roller bearings, offering twice the bearing design life versus competitors' units.   Available as a C-face reducer or a C-face gearmotor assembly, the Baldor•Dodge Motorized Torque –Arm II combines power and performance in a rugged gearbox designed for demanding applications.

  • 3 to 100 HP
  • torque ratings up to 130,000 inch/lbs