Catalog Features Air Nozzles and Systems

Feb. 22, 2013

A new catalog featuring WindJet® compressed air nozzles and WindJet air knife packages powered by regenerative blowers for drying and blow-off has been released by Spraying Systems Co. The catalog takes an in-depth look at how air nozzles can reduce use of compressed air by as much as 92% and perceived noise up to 60% compared with open pipe. Also detailed is how compressed air use can be eliminated completely and replaced with air knives and quiet, dependable blowers. 

The catalog includes a section on blowing and drying operation optimization and provides helpful information on effective coverage, sound level and lineal and specific impact force. Operating principles and usage guidelines are provided for air nozzles, low-flow air knives, air amplifiers and air knife packages to help readers understand the best applications for each product type. Detailed performance information on dozens of WindJet products is also included. Material options, dimensional drawings and performance-enhancing tips for each product are provided.