Banana Jack; Banana Jack; 15 A; Red; Beryllium Copper; 5000 Vrms (Max.)

Feb. 21, 2013
Standard Banana Jack, Solderless and Stackable, 5000 VRMS (Max.), 15 A, +122 °FBanana Jack, 15A, Nickel Plated with ABS Insulation, Red
  • Designed to fit on the end of any 22AWG to 18AWG wire
  • Cross hole wire entry fits up to .12"" (3mm) diameter
  • Available with tarnish resistant nickel or gold plating for very low contact resistance
  • Set screw simplifies assembly of test leads and jumpers by using a flat balde screwdrive
  • Fits standard panel and binding post banana jacks .161"" to .166"" (4.00mm to 4.2mm) diameter
    Voltage: Hands free testing in controlled voltage environments: 5000Vrms Max. For CE Compliance: not intended for hand held use at voltages above 33Vrms/70Vdc
    Current: 15 Amps
    Maximum Operating Temperature: +122°F (+50°C)
    Banana Jack: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
    Banana Plug Body - Brass, Nickel Plated
    Spring Beryllium Copper, Nickel Plated
    Insulation: ABS
    Set Screw: Steel, Zinc Plated, 8-32 Single Slot
  • Current, Rating: 15A  |  Insulation Type: Insulated  |  Brand/Series: 1825 Series  |  Diameter, Mounting Hole: 0.12"  |  Height: 1.55in.  |  Material, Body: Brass  |  Mounting Type: Panel  |  Wire, AWG: 22-18  |  Length, Terminal: 0.55in.  |  Primary Type: Banana  |  Material, Contact: Beryllium Copper  |  Width: 0.44in.  |  Termination: Screw  |  Contact Plating: Nickel  |  Voltage, Rating: 5000 V (Hand Free), 33 V/70 VDC (Hand Held)  |  Type: Jack/Plug  |  Temperature, Operating, Maximum: +122°F  |  Insulation Material: ABS (Model 4899 Polyphenylene Sulfide)  |  Diameter, Terminal: 0.166in.  |  Color: Red  |  Material, Spring: Beryllium Copper  |