Battery-Drain Analysis Solution

Dec. 9, 2016

Battery-drain analysis solution delivers insight into critical applications for the energy, automotive, and medical device industries.


Mobile, battery-powered devices often transition between sleep current, idle current pulses, and active current pulses when in full transmit mode. Measuring low current and pulsing current with fast rise and fall times over a wide dynamic range is difficult. Previous available tools failed to provide accurate measurements when the current signal rapidly changes and the current varies depending on what tasks the device and sub-circuit is performing.

  • Maximizing battery run-time and minimizing power failures is critical for devices used in energy, automotive and medical applications
  • Keysight is the only company that offers an integrated solution for accurate battery-drain analysis and for managing the wide dynamic-current-range requirements
  • Keysights’ integrated solution can verify that device software downloads will not impact the battery life or product performance over time