Plastic Double-Acting Hinges

Feb. 25, 2013

Molded of high-grade plastics, Beckson Manufacturing's HGB Series Double-Acting Hinges are the ideal alternative to expensive metal hinges that don't last.  Now, these lightweight, non-corroding hinges are offered in 10 sizes.  Measuring 1.5" wide, length sizes range from 1" to 5.36" and are interchangeable.        

These double acting hinges open a full 270º, so hatch covers can lie conveniently flat with almost any configuration.  Their unique side to side, vertical offset design forgives off-level mounting.  For secure fastening, Beckson Manufacturing's durable HGB series allows up to 3/4" setback from the edge of a door or hatch cover.        

Injection-molded and constructed from high-strength acetal resin, the hinges' Monel® pins provide flexibility for multiple mounting applications.  They are available in black or white with custom colors offered at the OEM level.

  • offered in 10 sizes
  • 1.5" wide
  • length sizes range from 1" to 5.36"