Modular 5-Axis Pull Clamping System

March 9, 2023
Compact in size and completely modular, Fixtureworks' pull clamping system allows height adjustment by coupling the modules.

Compact in size and completely modular, this 5-axis pull clamping system allows easy height adjustment by coupling the modules. It eliminates tool interference during workpiece machining; pins or screws can be attached to the underside of a plate or a workpiece for a standardized locating base on the position of the clamps. Styles include flanged type, single and double type, as well as hook type. Together with the special bushings, pins, and clamping screws, this system saves space and increases efficiency in clamping applications.


Flanged, single, and double module clamps are used to locate and clamp a workpiece with clamping screws. Activating the clamp pulls the clamping screw downward and secures it in position. The flanged system includes two flat washers. The single system secures to the base plate using a socket head cap screw used with a locating bushing precise locating.


The hook clamping system is designed for use on horizontal machining centers, these hook-type clamping modules are used with corresponding clamping screws to provide safe and easy loading and unloading of heavy workpieces or fixture plates. The clamp modules enable the user to suspend and support the workpiece or plate before clamping. Right-side or left-side tightening modules are available. Tapered bushings provide for precise locating.


The 5-axis modular clamping system also includes clamping pins, clamping screws, riser screws, and bushings.