HD Series Interlock

March 8, 2013

Kirk Key’s HD Series Type DM Access Interlock is designed to easily protect equipment and workers from costly errors during electrical and switchgear maintenance. The heavy-duty interlock ensures that steps cannot be skipped and a safe, pre-determined sequence of operation is followed. The KIRK HD Series is made entirely of electro polished 316 stainless steel and offers excellent performance standards in high temperature or corrosive environments such as wash-down, coastal or harsh industrial environments. The HD interlock design offers a simple, powerful key and cylinder mechanism with no openings and very few moving parts. 

The shaft driven design aids in resisting dirt and debris and the gasketed key and dust cover further prevents debris from entering the interlock cylinder. The oversized two-piece key design cannot be duplicated and offers the flexibility of rekeying or servicing the key in the field. The HD Series Type DM Access interlock consists of a main body and a latch bolt with twelve links of 316 stainless steel chain, so instead of a tight fit the operator can move the latch bolt around to mate it with the main body and get the trapped key to release. It is applicable for hinged doors, manhole covers, sliding door hatches or equipment that will not accommodate a precise fitting door lock or requires varying travel to latch. 

  • protect equipment and workers
  • steps cannot be skipped