There’s no doubt about it: fogging of safety goggles can be a dangerous nuisance. A study in Accident Analysis & Prevention magazine* researched the factors influencing workers’ use of safety eyewear. A group of men and women in the construction, manufacturing, service/maintenance, and healthcare industries were asked what factors determine their personal decision whether to wear their safety glasses or goggles. All of the groups named fogging as the number one vision-related factor for not wearing safety eyewear. Fogging, the result of condensation building up on the inside or outside of the lens, can be caused by a sudden change in air temperature or a constantly humid, hot, or cold work environment. 

Wheelz® goggles by Gateway Safety were designed specifically to fight fogging with a patented Whirlwind™ ventilation system, which circulates air through the inner frame area between the face and lens. Ten vents along the frame’s brow area and 10 additional vents on the frame’s underside create a strong “whirlwind” of air that helps clear the fog and maintain unhindered vision at all times. For additional fog prevention, an anti-fog coating is available with four of the lens options. Unlike big and bulky traditional goggles, Wheelz has a compact and lightweight frame made of a soft, flexible material for all-day comfort. An elastic head strap easily adjusts to ensure a safe, snug fit. Plus, Wheelz eyewear is independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

  • designed specifically to fight fogging
  • Whirlwind ventilation system
  • compact and lightweight frame