Oxide Remover for Stainless Steel

Oct. 6, 2017
Madison Chemicals latest compound can be widely used in the food and dairy processing industries.

Compound CR-120N is a nitric acid-based cleaner for the removal of oxides, oxalates, and milkstone from stainless steel dairy and food processing equipment.   This liquid, non-foaming product is acceptable for use in food and beverage plants as an A3 acid cleaner for use in all departments.  


For best results, use Compound CR-120N as an acid rinse following alkaline cleaning at 0.5 to 2% by volume of water and ambient to 160°F, with exact dilution and temperatures to be determined by residue type and soil load.  Excellent in passivation treatment of stainless steel, Compound CR-120N can be widely used within the food and dairy processing industries.


Always add Compound CR-120N to water and never add water to acid when charging a tank. Tanks for Compound CR-120N solutions should be constructed of stainless steel, acid-proof brick, ceramic, or synthetic lining.