Bridge; Plug-In Bridge; 2; Red; Cross connections in the terminal center. - Allied Electronics Inc

March 9, 2013
Terminal Block, Gray Color, PA Insulating Material

The Clipline complete system offers a uniform range of accessories for all connection methods. All of the Clipline complete system modular terminal blocks can be freely combined with each other. This gives the user a high degree of flexibility and simplifies project planning and configuration of the control cabinet. 
This system is designed to allow the user to use the same plug-in bridge for all connection systems. Every terminal block is made with two bridge shafts which allow chain bridging. Plug-in bridges allow the task of bridging to be completed in a very short time.
The standardized bridge system permits efficient connection of up to 50 terminal blocks with a bridge to suit application requirements. Bridging between non-adjacent terminals is possible by removing individual teeth. 
The ability to use the same plug-in bridge for every style of terminal block results in well organized warehousing and procurement, at the same time saving space and cost.

  • The same plug-in bridge can be used for all style of terminal blocks resulting in lower inventory levels and lower costs
  • The quick plug-in bridge design results in shorter application times 
Color: Red  |  Phoenix Part Number: FBS 2-5  |  Type: Plug-in  |  Pin Spacing: 5.0mm  |  Insulation Type: Insulated  |  Material, Insulation: PA  |  Used With: ST Series  |  Brand/Series: FBS Series  |  Primary Type: Bridge  |  Number of Circuits: 2 Circuits  |