Protective Sunglasses

April 9, 2013

Wiley X® Inc. has added an innovative T-Peg Elastic Strap retention system to its popular new WX Gravity protective sunglass model, making it an even better protective eyewear choice for workers in a wide variety of occupations.  Wiley X's unique, adjustable T-Peg Strap was designed to keep glasses securely and comfortably in position, even when engaged in hot, strenuous work activities such as construction, tree trimming, roadwork and more.  This same system is featured on several Wiley X protective eyewear systems used by U.S. military and law enforcement operatives around the world.    These Rx-ready, Climate Control? series glasses feature a stylish wraparound frame with Wiley X's patented, removable soft foam Facial Cavity? Seal that blocks out wind, dust and debris.  By providing the wearer with a climate-controlled environment for the eyes, workers enjoy clear vision and improved eye comfort in even the most challenging environments.    "Glasses that come loose or shift during strenuous work not only lose their protective qualities, they can become a dangerous work distraction," said Wiley X, Co-Owner Myles Freeman, Jr. "This system enhances the effectiveness and inherent wearing comfort of our Climate Control series, and gives workers the confidence to perform any task, knowing their eyes are fully protected," added Freeman.    

The WX Gravity provides workers with the highest level of protection, meeting stringent ANSI-Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards.  The WX Gravity even goes beyond "typical" OSHA-grade vision protection, providing wearers with the same ballistic protection worn by U.S. soldiers.  In addition to superior protection, what truly separates the new WX Gravity from other safety glasses is its stylish, comfortable design.  Wiley X realizes that protective eyewear needs to be worn all the time for it to be effective and designs its products accordingly.  And because the WX Gravity is prescription ready, it makes an ideal, no-compromise solution for workers who need corrective lenses on the job.    Wiley X offers the WX Gravity in a variety of configurations to suit different personal styles, as well as occupational safety needs.  One model features Gloss Black frames and LA? Light Adjusting lenses that automatically darken or lighten based on UV light conditions.  Another matches Polarized Blue Mirror lenses - great for high-glare environments - with a distinctive Black Crystal frame. Another combines Wiley X's attractive Brown Crystal frame with Bronze Flash lenses.  There is also a Black Ops edition of the WX Gravity that matches a Matte Black frame with Smoke Grey lenses for an understated, no-nonsense look as well as a model with Clear lenses in a Matte Black frame, perfect for indoor or night time safety needs.

  • adjustable T-Peg Strap
  • variety of configurations