XT Series of FlexPackPRO TTO Printers

Jan. 4, 2022
The XT series of FlexPackPRO TTO Printers from GRIFFIN-RUTGERS allows for ribbon rolls up to 3,280.8 ft (1,000 m) in length.

Users can take variable printing and coding to the next level with the XT series of FlexPackPRO TTO printers. They are durable machines with 50% greater ribbon capacity of 3,280.8 ft (1,000 m) and completely redesigned stainless steel touchscreen controllers featuring an enhanced color interface.


Designed with the high-volume industrial user in mind, the XT series is for any V/F/F/S machine or flow wrapper. It is ideal for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, electrical products, hardware, and consumer goods industries.


All models employ the Kyocera 300dpi print heads on self-leveling mounts to provide good code quality. The system’s high level of digital capability allows for the printing of continuously varying information in every image.

  • Industries: Beverage, consumer goods, cosmetics, electrical products, food, hardware, pharmaceutical, snack food
  • Package type: Bags, blister cards, blister web, boxes, cartons, flexible films
  • Package shape: Flat
  • Product position: Laying down, standing up
  • Handling method: Automatic
  • Product content: Empty
  • Package substrates: Aluminum foil, bag and film substrates, labels, poly films, tyvek
  • Product type: Flexible packaging, flexible packaging printers, thermal transfer overprinters
  • Manufacturer: FlexPackPRO
  • Date coders: FlexPackPRO