Cincinnati Incorporated’s new Baseform press brake is an affordable, precise, U.S.-built bending and forming solution available for quick delivery for shops looking to quickly expand metal fabrication services, or bring outsourced metal forming operations in house. The new Baseform includes a powerful PC-based control that earned Cincinnati press brakes a reputation for innovation, endurance and performance. Available in 90- and 175-ton capacity models, the Baseform includes a microcrowned bed, and ±0.0004-in. (±0.01 mm) repeatability – the best in its price class. Optional offline programming increases throughput and decreases scrap. According to Cincinnati product manager Todd Kirchoff: “The Baseform has the same basic design, control and productivity features as our Proform, Autoform and Maxform models, but at a price point that makes it affordable. These machines are well-equipped, built to last and deliver a lot of ‘bend-for-the-buck.”             

The Baseform comes standard with a backgage designed to reduce setup and handling time in processing a wide variety of jobs. Operators can easily program backgage positions necessary to form multiple flanges in one handling. Gage allowance, clamp position, retract distance and gage pause are also programmable, and a closed-loop servo drive provides fast, precise gage positions. A full-length bar, two adjustable gage holders with two sets of fingers and a positioning tool are standard equipment.    

Baseform’s powerful, PC-based control combines 3D graphics interface with simple touch-screen operation to speed setup and programming times, as well as optimize throughput. New part programs can be generated through manual data entry or by drawing the part in cross-section or flat pattern, and then selecting tooling and bend sequence. A special job setup page displays tool segment lengths and tool locations, as well as notes to reduce setup time. The 15.1-in. LCD touch-screen control uses a simple icon-driven Windows® operating system compatible with all other Cincinnati press brake models. Baseform’s optional Bend Simulation software allows complex programs to be developed and proven offline without time-consuming physical setup and forming trials. Parts are created either by the programmer or via CAD file import, and the software automatically generates bend sequences, checks for interference, optimizes ram settings and backgage positions, and applies process optimization by minimizing part turns/flips and controlling front-to-back part weight ratios. “Offline programming and simulation makes job scheduling and estimating easier and more accurate,” added Kirchoff. “And, it allows fabricators to determine up-front whether a part can be bent with the tooling on hand.”            

All Cincinnati press brakes, including the controls, are U.S.-made, and Cincinnati provides direct parts support and service via regional service representatives. “Downtime is the enemy of productive shops, and waiting for repair parts to arrive from overseas can add days or weeks,” said Kirchoff. “Our domestic parts supply and service representatives provide single-source responsibility for machine start-up, service and parts to ensure maximum uptime and productivity.”

  • powerful PC-based control
  • 90- and 175-ton capacity models
  • 3D graphics interface