Electric Linear and Rotary Actuators

March 25, 2013
Exlar announces the release of its latest Product Catalog, detailing the company’s extensive selection of electric linear and rotary actuators. This comprehensive resource describes the wide range of performance capabilities, features, specifications and application suitability available with the company’s innovative product offering.   The catalog is divided into sections including series overviews, specifications, performance curves, dimensional drawings, system configurations and ordering information and provides in-depth explanations of Exlar’s technology and product families. 

The engineering reference section features definitions and equations for determining move-profile, velocity and acceleration, force, thrust, motor velocity and torque to simplify product selection.  This year’s catalog also highlights Exlar’s GSX actuators with integral force measuring capability for applications requiring precise measurements of the load being applied by the actuator. Utilizing embedded load cells, GSX actuators can directly measure the force being applied by the actuator’s output rod. To ensure reliability, the strain gauge load senor is mounted inside the actuator case, protecting it from external damage or environmental contamination. This embedded load cell technology eliminates the challenges, risk and effort associated with alternative force measuring systems.