Molex Incorporated has introduced  Brad® Direct-Link® unmanaged switches available in 5- and 8-port modules, both featuring patented Ultra-Lock® push-pull technology. The new IP67 sealed Direct-Link switch modules provide a fast, simple and secure on-machine Ethernet switch solution reducing network cabling and installation costs “As our world becomes more connected, manufacturers and installers are increasingly specifying harsh-duty Ethernet devices,” states George Kairys, product manager, Molex.  “The Brad portfolio of rugged connectivity products for Ethernet infrastructure brings our customers high speed performance in a wider range of industrial applications requiring LAN networks for plant floor robotics and automated manufacturing cells.” 

The small footprint, field-proven, and rugged design make the Direct-Link switches ideal for heavy-duty transportation and military vehicle applications.  Direct-Link Ethernet switch modules allow users to quickly convert from traditional in-cabinet to on-machine mounting.  Relocating the switch closer to the machine reduces installation time and costs for lengthy wiring runs, cabling and protected cabinet enclosures.  The durable Ultra-Lock system of switch connectors and cordsets features a full sealed connection and secure mating, with easy push-pull plug-and-play installation. Suitable for installations located in extreme temperature conditions, the Direct-Link 8-port switches operate in -40 to +75 degrees Celsius.  Tested to NEMA 6 and IP67 environmental ratings, the Direct-Link Ultra-Lock connection ensures continuous operation in ambient dust, pressure washing and submersion in water. The entire printed circuit board and internal connections are fully potted, protecting it from any moisture ingress or connector failures due to severe vibration conditions. Mechanical keying and radial seals eliminate the need for skilled installation and risk of operator error commonly found in other switch connector systems. 

“Unmanaged Direct-Link switches provide cost-effective, robust performance across complex networks in a wide range of control and monitoring applications, where harsh environments create vibration, heat and other hazards.  Brad brings Ethernet connectivity—for PC-based or PLC-based control, supervision, data storage and protocol bridging—where our customers need it most,” adds Kairys. The new Direct-Link switch modules are compatible with other Brad industrial products, including cordsets, receptacles, field-attachable connectors, I/O modules, PC interfaces, gateways, switches and diagnostic tools. 

  • 5- and 8-port modules
  • Ultra-Lock® push-pull technology
  • small footprint