LA-CO Industries has updated its Tempil brand of Tempstik Test Kits to include 5” Tempilstiks® in place of the 2-1/2” sticks in the present test kits. The range of temperatures in the test kit continues to be 125ºF, 150º F, 175ºF, 200ºF, 225ºF, 250ºF, 275ºF, 300ºF, 325ºF, 350ºF, 375ºF, 400ºF, 425ºF, 450ºF, 475ºF, 500ºF, 550ºF, 600ºF, 700ºF, and 800ºF. A recently designed state-of-the-art package will accommodate the larger 5” Tempilstiks. 

A basic guide to ferrous metallurgy and handy pre-heat charts will be included in the test kit. Tempilstik indicators can be stroked on a workpiece from time to time during a heating operation. When its rating is reached it leaves a liquid smear.