General purpose switches - Tapeswitch Corp

April 15, 2013

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures a complete line of safety, control, and general purpose signaling switches, including:

  • Ribbons switches
  • Touch pads
  • Foot switches
  • Hand switches
  • Sensing cells

For Signaling and Control Switch product specifications, visit or call Tapeswitch Corporation direct at 1-800-234-8273.

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures and owns the technology behind their switch products which allows them to provide a very custom and unique product to engineers. While their standard products include different profiles of ribbon switches for signaling applications, i.e. Types 101-BMT,131-A & 131-AMT, 141-BPH, 141-BPM, Type 121-BP, Type 161-FS (Serpentine), Types 180 & 180-S (Flex Action), 191-S (Stainless steel switch element) and field installation kits, foot and hand switches (111/B), touch pads (TP-4 and TP-2), large area switches, flex switches, tactical and non-tactile switches, and signaling switches, they have the largest custom manufacturing division which can custom manufacture to long length, custom size and color, including instructional text for the specific application requirements, such as Press To Open. In addition to standard models, Tapeswitch Corporation custom manufactures to size, lead length, lead type, color, and instructional text.