Forged Wire Strippers

Dec. 15, 2022

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The KNIPEX Forged Wire Stripper (13 71 8 and 13 72 8) is designed for stripping and cutting both solid and stranded wire between 10 and 20 AWG. What sets it apart from conventional wire strippers is the unique ability to cut 6-32 and 8-32 screws without threading, to make the user’s job faster and easier.


The 8-in. tool also offers locating ridges to easily find stripping holes and knurled jaws for twisting and gripping wires. Induction-hardened shear cutting blades are designed to cut NM-B, BX/MC, and battery cable and offer 50% higher-cutting capacity than other wire strippers on the market.


The Forged Wire Stripper was designed from extensive research and observation of how tradespeople used their wire strippers in the field, and the result is a wire stripper that is meticulously designed to improve upon all facets of the wire stripping experience and make every worker’s job easier and faster.