New Reell “PH35” positioning hinges uniquely incorporate patent-pending “One-Way” torque technology to achieve high holding force in the downward direction while allowing for easy upward adjustment with virtually no resistance.  The technology effectively reduces required lifting force for components without compromising holding force to provide an ideal hinge solution for heavy-duty vertical mounting applications, such as industrial enclosures, test chambers with large or heavy access panels, office equipment, medical devices, and large flat-panel monitors and computer peripherals, among many others.  

The hinges offer more practical and cost-effective alternatives to complicated prop rods, gas struts, or spring lifts. These hinges additionally benefit from patented ReellTorq® clip technology for a premium quality feel and smooth and precise position control without requiring adjustment during installation.  Their qualified service life of more than 20,000 cycles provides reliable and consistent functionality over time. Reell PH35 positioning hinges provide constant torque throughout their full 270º range of motion and can be specified with one-direction torques from 50 lb-in to 100 lb-in / 5.65 N-m to 11.3 N-m (torque in the opposite direction remains constant at 4.42 lb-in / 0.5 N-m).  Hinges can be supplied with either a plain zinc or matte black finish and are designed to mount easily using 1/4 “ / M6 socket head cap screw or equivalent.

  • high holding force
  • reduces required lifting force for components