Linear Actuators - igus Inc

April 24, 2013

DryLin® ZLW belt driven linear actuators are a low-cost, short lead-time alternative to traditional re-circulating ball bearing systems. igus® DryLin products are engineered with wear-resistant, dry-running, oil-free linear bearings which do not require any maintenance. These systems are ideal for quickly positioning small to medium loads at high speeds up to 16.4 ft./s (5 m/s), even at stroke lengths up to 9.84 feet (3000mm). New larger ZLW-1660 profiles add even higher radial load capabilities up to (2000N) 450 lbs., for applications requiring even more robust stages. 

Since the parts operate as sliding systems as opposed to rolling systems, extremely high accelerations are possible without galling or damaging the guide rails –which help increase machinery throughput.  All igus DryLin ZLW belt driven systems are based on hard-anodized aluminum guide rail profiles, which offer the ideal mating surface for the linear bearing liners. Several linear bearing housings are available including low-cost zinc-castings, lightweight and corrosion-resistant hard-anodized aluminum machined parts, as well as adjustable versions (WJUME) which allow the flexibility to eliminate or increase the linear bearing clearance, per application requirements.  Most igus DryLin ZLW belt driven actuators are available as a standard version, offering higher speed and load carrying capabilities, or as a low-cost basic version, offering aggressively lower costs with only slightly limited performance. 

The standard versions use steel-reinforced polyurethane geared belts and several machined metal components versus the low-cost basic version which use glass-filled neoprene belts and rely on more injection-molded plastic components to help lower the costs.

  • short lead-time alternative to traditional re-circulating ball bearing systems