ERC080-120VH Electric Lift Truck

May 14, 2013
Yale Lift Truck Technologies' 4-wheel electric lift truck handles heavy loads for indoor pallet storage, retrieval, and transportation.

An electric rider lift truck series with a capacity of 8,000 to 12,000 lb. (3,629 to 5,443 kg), the ERC080-120VH lift truck series features a strong powertrain, a drive axle with shock absorption for heavy loads, and a mast that's reinforced with ductile iron-casted cross members which resist mast rocking and lateral movement.


The trucks present excellent stopping power with low brake pedal effort due to wet disc brakes. These brakes lower the cost of operation by requiring no adjustments or servicing other than a periodic lubrication change at 4,000-hour intervals. Also included is a Power-Assisted Braking System, which further increases brake and drive train life by automatically using traction motor braking in proportion to operator brake pedal pressure.


Yale lift trucks are ergonomic to reduce operator fatigue. The truck also features textured grab handles, a tilt steering column with optional tilt memory, and telescopic adjustment for operator comfort.

  • Stability for toughest loads
  • Durability for demanding conditions
  • Designed for comfort
  • Ultimate productivity
  • Low cost of ownership
CenterLift HeightTurning Radius Battery Capacity 
Voltage  ERC120VH 12,000 lb.
 (5,443 kg)  24 in.
(610 mm)  208 in.
 (5,283 mm)  95.3 (2,421 mm) 36V/2300Ah
80V/1000Ah ERC100VH10,000 lb.
(4,536 kg)92.2 (2,342 mm) ERC100SVH 88.2 (2,240 mm) ERC080VH8,000 lb.
(3,629 kg)218 in.
(5,537 mm)82.5 (2,096 mm)