Magnetic Mount Led Work Light

April 24, 2013

The Larson Electronics WAL-M-LED72-120 LED work light provides operators in demanding work environments with a powerful yet highly versatile lighting solution capable of filling a wide variety of applications with equal effectiveness. This LED work light features an extremely durable LED lamp mated to a three leg aluminum pedestal mount fitted with three magnetic pads. The LED lamp on this unit is a high output design that produces 4,320 lumens, over four times as much light output as a 100 watt incandescent lamp, while using only three quarters as many watts. This lamp runs far cooler as well, and is waterproof and highly resistant to the effects of impacts or dropping, making it ideal for high stress locations such as industrial work places. With this LED work light, there are no worries with accidental burns or bulb breakage or shattering should the lamp be dropped or knocked over.   

As well as high power, this lamp also provides versatile operation as well. The heavy duty aluminum pedestal mount acts like any typical pedestal light. Workers can simply set the lamp down on a flat surface and power it on to provide instant and powerful illumination. However, three 200lbs grip magnetic pads mounted to each leg also allows operators to attach this light to metal surfaces such as tank ceilings or wall, effectively letting the light be used as an overhead or hands free area light in places where simply setting the light down is impractical. The three magnetic pads provide a total of 600lbs of magnetic gripping force, ensuring the system will hold its position even when mounted to equipment or machinery where heavy vibration or movement may be present. Larson Electronics has also fitted these powerful work lights with a waterproof transformer that allows the lamp to be used with standard 110-277 VAC current. 

The LED lamp on this work light operates natively with 12 or 24 volt DC current, meaning operators can disconnect the transformer and run the light directly from vehicle or equipment batteries if desired, but for most applications the light can be simply plugged into a standard wall outlet as well. This LED work light is a highly versatile system that provides a portable and powerful source of illumination suitable for a wide variety of applications including utilities work, industrial operations, tank or container servicing, emergency services, and just about anywhere operators need effective illumination in an easily deployed design. 

  • high output design
  • aluminum pedestal mount
  • operates natively with 12 or 24 volt DC current