Polymer Sealant

April 25, 2013

CLEARLOK® is an “all purpose” water-based polyurethane sealant formulated to provide a protective topcoat on most metal surfaces. Most important, CLEARLOK polymer sealant produces a clear, hard and glossy sealant that is non-polluting and contains no harmful VOC content.             

The CLEARLOK polymer coating is tough with excellent scratch and scuff resistance and long-term corrosion protection. It works well on black oxide finishes on iron and steel, black finishes on aluminum, and on non-finished iron, steel and aluminum surfaces. Because it works well on most metal surfaces, it can be used to enhance the gloss and overall appearance of the final finish. CLEARLOK polymer sealant adds a quality “look and feel” to hand tools, automotive components, and machined components.             

The final protective coating thickness is 0.0001 to .00003 inches. It is rated for corrosion resistance of 12-24 hours of neutral salt spray or over one hundred hours of humidity exposure. With no VOC content, the water-based CLEARLOK formula helps manufacturers and platers meet current EPA restrictions and automotive “End-Of-Life” directives without compromising coating performance.             

CLEARLOK is supplied as a heavy-bodied liquid that can be diluted with water for application using immersion tank processes or for easy brush-on application. It is easily implemented on most plating and finishing lines. Drying is fast at room temperature or CLEARLOK can be force dried using warm air. 

  • protective topcoat on most metal surfaces
  • clear, hard and glossy sealant
  • contains no harmful VOC content.