Ready-to-Run 3D Printer

April 25, 2013

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Afinia H479 Rapid-Prototyping 3D Printer - a self-contained unit that provides an "immediate availability" 3D prototyping experience.  The H479 3D Printer comes fully assembled, with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac, and can prototype a part up to 5 inches in each dimension, accurate to within .2mm (.008"). A heated build platform prevents model warping during printing.    

3D Printing Software supplied with the printer features an easy-to-use interface for laying out, orienting, duplicating, and scaling designs, importing standard STL files from design software such as SolidWorks  and others. Using inexpensive, high-quality ABS filament in a wide array of colors, this 11lb portable 3D printer can even print in a standalone mode, disconnected from a PC.   The software auto-generates support material to ensure stable printing of arcs and overhangs     The compact 10" x 10" x 14" H479 3D Printer is small enough for any desktop, and ready for instant use.  

3D printing is finding an increased relevance in prototyping new concepts and experimenting with form, fit and function experiments for new products.  Designers have discovered how important it is to allow reviewers or managers to hold a physical object in their hands to gain acceptance for their ideas.

  • self-contained unit
  • easy to install software
  • can prototype a part up to 5 inches in each dimension