All-in-One Stepper Motor

May 21, 2013

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the introduction of our newest 0.72° All-in-One Stepper Motor, Driver and Controller, the PKA Series. By combining the high performance motor with a built-in microstepping driver and stored data controller, superior noise and vibration reduction can be easily achieved. This All-in-One 0.72° stepper motor features a built-in controller (stored data) type, microstepping driver and high performance motor integrated into one compact package. With a high performance 0.72° stepper motor as the base motor, performance advantages over competitor all-in-one microstepping offerings are clear, especially at low speeds. 

There is no wiring needed between the controller, driver and motor, providing easy motion control of the high performance 0.72° stepper motor. Since there is a built-in controller, there is no need for a pulse generator. The system is simplified and requires less wiring. A positioning function is built in, ensuring that the traveling amount, speed, and other operating data are retained in the motor. It is also equipped with a variety of other operation functions in addition to the positioning operation, such as continuous operation and a return-to-home operation. This contributes to a reduced load on the programmable controller and a simplified program. The PKA Series is DC input and available in 42 mm (1.65 in.) and 60 mm (2.36 in.) frame sizes. 

The PKA Series’ key features are: 

  • Compact, All-in-One design simplifies motion control and reduces wiring 
  • Integrated high performance 0.72° stepper motor 
  • Built-in Controller (Stored Data) type 
  • Equipped with an Interface that Connects to Various Master Control Systems 
  • 2 motor frame sizes
  • built-in controller
  • micro stepping driver
  • 2 motor frame sizes