MiR200 AMR Doubles Payload

June 7, 2017
Mobile Industrial Robots' latest AMR adds significant user interface and programming enhancements.

2018 NED Innovation Award Winner

*The MiR200 has been discontinued and is now the MiR250. You can check out the MiR250 here.


Boasting more power and more features than its predecessor, the MiR200 autonomous mobile robot offers users even more choices in how to effectively, quickly, and cost-effectively automate their material transportation needs.


The MiR200 updates MiR's already-intuitive web-based user interface, making programming even easier for users who have no previous experience and allowing for even more optimized implementation. Updates include customizable dashboards, improved mapping, easier creation of robot missions and tasks, multi-level permissions, responsive web design, and comprehensive browser support. Integrated help and product documentation provide additional guidance.


The powerful MiR200 doubles the payload capacity of the MiR100 to 440 lb. (200 kg), and offers a MiRHook option for autonomous towing of carts up to 1,102 lb. (500 kg) The robot offers exceptional flexibility for top modules, including racks, shelves, conveyors, lifts or even collaborative robot arms which can be easily customized and mounted to meet specific application requirements. With its ESD-compliant exterior, the MiR200 is ideal for electronic assembly applications where parts being transported must be protected from electrostatic discharge.

 Length 35 in. (890 mm) Width 23 in. (580 mm) Height 14 in. (352 mm) Height Above Floor 2 in. (50 mm) Weight (W/out Load) 151 lb. (68.5 kg) Load Surface 24 x 31 in. (600 x 800 mm)Payload Robot Payload 440 lb. (200 kg) Towing Capacity 1,102 lb. (500 kg)Speed and Performance Running Time 10 hours or 9 mi (15 km) Max. Speed Forwards: 3.6 ft/s (1.1 m/s) (3 mph (4 kph))
 Backwards: 1 ft/s (0.3 m/s) (0.6 mph (1 kph)) Turning Radius 20 in. (520 mm) Positioning Accuracy +/- 2 in. (50 mm) of position,
 +/- 0.4 in. (10 mm) to docking marker Traversable Gap & Sill  Tolerance  0.8 in. (20 mm)Safety Sensors SICK Laser Scanners S300 360-deg. visual protection around the robot 3D Camera Intel RealSense Detection of objects ahead 2 to 20 in. (50 to 500 mm)
 above the floor. Ultrasonic Scanners (4 pcs.) Detection of transparent objects ahead, e.g. glass doors.