Compact 2D Code Reader - Keyence Corp of America

July 1, 2013

The SR-750 Series Fixed mount 1D and 2D barcode readers incorporate new and advanced decoding algorithms, providing the best in class reading capability. Pre-processing techniques, such as brightness and contrast threshold correction, along with significantly enhanced image filtering capabilities ensure images are optimized prior to decoding.  Upgraded processing, including localized binary threshold settings for unique regions of the code, make the reader well suited for direct part marking applications. 

The high speed search algorithm locates codes more quickly when the background image is complex. In addition to updated code capture and process techniques, the SR-750 boasts features increasing its ease of use and read reliability.  Long range (over three feet) and wide field of view models are available when the position of barcodes may vary.  Built-in communication and increased connectivity ensures easy integration to new and existing systems.  EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, PROFINET, FTP, RS-232c, Power over Ethernet and data editing functionality are included and available without the need for external communication units.  Intuitive and simple to use setup software automatically adjust lighting and image filtering settings with one click.  Preventative maintenance function can provide feedback and indicate when code printing or marking quality is deteriorating before code reading is impossible

  • enhanced image filtering capabilities
  • high speed search algorithm
  • updated code capture