Recycling Collection Carts

June 19, 2013
Custom recycling collection carts, bulk containers and hazmat shipping containers help manufacturers efficiently manage the collection and return of their products for recycling or proper disposal as required for compliance with extended producer responsibility laws (EPR). Custom designed and manufactured based on the size, shape, weight, material and anticipated condition of the product upon return, among other factors, the recycle carts and containers may be used to collect, store and transport carpets, paint cans, batteries, auto parts, medical waste, pesticide containers, post-consumer packaging, computer equipment and other electronic devices, including hazardous e-waste, among other products subject to the increasing range of product stewardship legislation. 

The reusable plastic containers and carts are custom rotationally molded from waterproof, weatherproof materials that deliver high load-bearing strength and resist chemical attack yet are designed with reduced tare weights to conserve material and boost fuel efficiency in transport. Custom accessories such as lockable covers, forklift safety tubes, hinged access panels and permanent, molded-in security markings and tracking numbers are available.

  • waterproof
  • high load-bearing strength
  • resist chemical attack