Explosion Proof LED Light Fixture

July 9, 2013

The HALP-48-3L-LED hazardous area LED light fixture from Larson Electronics provides operators with a powerful and reliable explosion proof lighting solution capable of standing up to the abuse of operation in wet and corrosive industrial environments. This light fixture is similar to standard fluorescent fixtures in design, but features three LED tube lamps that provide better light quality, higher output, and extreme longevity. The housing on this explosion proof light is constructed of corrosion resistant materials including glass fiber reinforced polyester and an impact resistant acrylic diffuser sealed to the housing with a poured gasket for full sealing. The acrylic diffuser is secured with stainless steel latches, and the entire housing is water resistant, making it well suited to use in wet marine locations and US Coast Guard specifications compliant. 

This fixture comes with three, 4 foot long LED tube lamps, each with a 50,000 hour operational life and producing 2160 lumens, for a total of 6,480 lumens of light output. These LED tubes produce intense light output over a shorter degree of beam spread than standard fluorescent tubes, giving them the ability to direct more light to the targeted surfaces for higher efficiency and effectiveness. These fixtures also have no ballast, making them lighter, more easily serviced, and more reliable than fluorescent bulbs. Mounting for the HALP-48-3L-LED is accomplished through integrally affixed flat surface mounting brackets that have been predrilled to accept screws or standard bolts. This explosion proof LED light fixture is ideal for hazardous location use such as offshore oil platforms and carries Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D approval for atmospheres where flammable gases and vapors ay be present and has a T4A -30 C to 85 C operating temperature rating. These high output LED fixtures are designed with power and durability in mind and can serve effectively in a wide variety of applications including petrochemical facilities, lubrication pits, oil drilling rigs, crew quarters, solvent/cleaning areas, water treatment areas, processing plants and marine loading docks.

  • operates in wet and corrosive industrial environments
  • three LED tube lamps