Print & Apply Labeler

July 9, 2013

NJM Packaging  introduces the new Model 402 Final Touch™ Print & Apply Labeler. Succeeding NJM’s popular, field-proven Model 400, the new 402 offers a more simple operation with fewer moving parts, a smaller footprint and an affordable price point while maintaining the rugged reliability that characterizes NJM’s family of labelers. The 402 reduces maintenance and eases installation while maximizing production versatility and minimizing the total cost of ownership.   The 402 Final Touch applies vertical and horizontal labels to cases, cartons, bags and shrink wrapped bundles at speeds up to 60 per minute. With a variety of applicator tools, it applies side labels, corner wrap labels and top labels using either a tamp or wipe-on applicator, as needed. It can be equipped for optional e-pedigree serialization, RFID tagging and other track-and-trace initiatives. It is ideal for foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, household chemicals and other packaged products.   NJM designed the 402 Print & Apply labeler to be integrated with virtually any off-the-shelf print engine. If equipped with a new ZE500 printer from Zebra, the operation is simplified because the labeler’s controls are fully integrated with the printer’s controls. The labeler easily accommodates other new printers from Zebra, Sato, Datamax and others, or the customer can supply an existing printer. In addition to maximizing the versatility of the labeler, this capability minimizes the labeler’s risk of obsolescence and helps speed repairs by enabling a faulty printer to be quickly swapped out.   

The standard Model 402 Final Touch applies labels from 0.625 to 4.5 inches (15.9 to 114 mm) wide, with an option to apply labels up to 7.1 inches (180 mm) wide, depending on the printer. It offers a reach of up to 22 inches (600 mm) to easily handle a variety of cases, cartons, bags and shrink wrapped bundles. It achieves speeds of up to 50 cases/bundles per minute for tamp application and up to 60 cases/bundles per minute for wipe-on application, depending on the size of the label and case/bundle. It can be changed over to handle a new case/bundle size and new labels in less than five minutes, with no tools required.   To ease installation on new and existing packaging lines, the 402 offers a compact footprint. When equipped with a tamp applicator, the labeler can be oriented to consume only 22 inches (559 mm) along the conveyor. When fitted with a wipe-on applicator, the labeler consumes close to 30 inches (762 mm) along the conveyor. It can be installed over an existing 36-inch (914-mm) high conveyor or supplied with a new conveyor, as needed.   

Options include integration with a vision inspection system and rejection system to automatically remove cases/bundles with faulty labels from the production line.   When designed for e-pedigree serialization, the 402 labeler affixes serialized 2D bar codes or RFID labels on cases/bundles, captures the serialized codes and makes the data available to the vision system and the e-pedigree software via an Ethernet connection. This helps customers reduce counterfeiting and assure consumer safety while improving inventory management.   NJM offers a “total solution” approach that includes full validation support and turnkey line integration services to seamlessly combine best-in-class technologies, as needed. Like its predecessor, the new 402 labeler is a rugged machine that features top quality components designed to withstand the most challenging 24/7 production environments. With its simple operation, fewer moving parts and smaller footprint, the new 402 is more ergonomic, with better access to machine parts. An intuitive control panel allows operators to get the labeler up and running quickly.

  • applies vertical and horizontal labels
  • speeds up to 60 per minute