Normally Closed Current Switches

July 8, 2013

CR Magnetics, Inc. has introduced the CR9400 Series and CR9480 Series of Normally Closed Current Switches specifically designed for applications that require an on-off indication of current flow. The key features of the new current switches are low cost, low fixed trip point, fully isolated and self-powered. Major performance benefits are lower losses, improved lifetime durability, increased ruggedness and heat capacity. The New CR Magnetics CR9400 Series Current Switches are a closed design while the CR9480 Series are Split Core Current Switches. 

They are available with a NPN or PNP output transistor for DC switching and ACA output for switching AC. Continuous operating current above the rated full ON level of 350 mA Is required. The CR9600 Current Switches are intended for power monitoring applications of continuity and use as a proving switch. The New Technology CR Magnetics CR9400 Series Current Switches have window openings of: 0.27”, 0.59”, and 0.40” dia. Overall casing sizes are from: 1.012” W. x 1.081” H. x 0.834” L. Color coded wire leads are provided for connection to instrumentation.

  • low fixed trip point
  • fully isolated
  • self-powered