Pick & Place Unit

Aug. 15, 2013

The linear motor driven PPU-E from SCHUNK is still the fastest Pick&Place unit on the market. Due to high demand, SCHUNK has enlarged the series by introducing the PPU-E 50 unit, which can handle weights of up to 5 kg. For a complete cycle with a 280 mm horizontal and 105 mm vertical stroke, the PPU-E 50 has a cycle time of 0.92 seconds with a tooling mass of 2 kg and 2 x 60 ms (for gripper). It is designed for a 150 mm vertical stroke, 280 mm horizontal stroke and a moveable mass of 5 kg. Its maximum acceleration amounts to 100 ms-2, the maximum speed to 4 ms-1. The narrow housing and the media supply via the back panel allow a compact construction of several units next to each other. 

Two integrated position sensors control the vertical and horizontal movement, and ensure high repeat accuracy.  Intelligent controllers control the cantilever arm and the actuators without a master control system. The required software is already integrated and can be easily enabled by Plug&Play. Up to six integrated valves provide all pneumatic tooling with air. This minimizes compressed air and energy, and ensures high cycle frequency. The energy- and time-efficient unit seamlessly fits into the module program, and can be equipped via a uniform interface with various actuators from the modular system for modular high-performance assembly. 

In addition to the basic version without gripper interface, the PPU-E 50 is available in six different configurations: with two, four or six air- and sensor interfaces, electric rotary units, two-fold air- and sensor connections, a vacuum interface, and on option, with a venture nozzle or an aggregate. Additionally, the Z-axis can be equipped with a spring load compensation and a parking brake. 

  • can handle weights of up to 5 kg
  • 150 mm vertical stroke
  • 280 mm horizontal stroke