Online 3D CAD Catalog

March 26, 2018
Sparks Belting eases their customer’s digital experience by providing 3D CAD models of configurable motorized pulleys.

An online catalog of 3D CAD models for the popular Dura-Drive Plus motorized pulleys is now available. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the configurator makes doing business with Sparks easier than ever by enabling customers to find, configure and download a digital 3D CAD model that fits their needs.


With the 3D CAD catalog, Sparks Belting can not only provide 3D CAD downloads to their customers, but also offer technological solutions, which makes it easier for customers to do their job and to work with Sparks Belting.


In addition, customers using Sparks Belting’s new online configurator can download the 3D CAD models in over 100 native CAD formats and send digital data sheets to anyone in their company with 3D product images and specs.


Check out the 3D configurator here.