Multi-Tasking Robot Platform

Aug. 1, 2013

Fisnar has announced the launch of a new multi-tasking robot model F9960N for safe and secure dispensing applications ranging from miniature SMT circuit boards to larger PCB’s and finished assemblies.  A range of coating technologies can be appropriated for accurate and repeatable coating functions. The F9960N has been engineered to provide a highly functional and robust automated dispensing-solution at an affordable price. A comprehensive 600mm x 600mm working area gantry robot is mounted within an enclosed free-standing platform. 

The F9960N precision dispensing and coating system has been designed for work cells that require precise but flexible operational performance. The system can be integrated within a conveyor dependent in-line manufacturing environment or installed as a stand-alone module for independent working. The F9960N is ideal for precision form-in-place gaskets, encapsulation, coating, EMI and thermal-grease applications, underfill and sealing projects. The enclosed environment provides access for fume extraction systems, safeguarding the work force and work place from potentially hazardous substances. 

Access to the working area is provided by an operator fail-safe, high clearance, security door, which is locked while in operation but easily accessible during programming. Programming a dispense path with unique characteristics, including continuous path and point-to-point routing, is quickly achieved using the interactive 178mm touch-screen display supplied with the system. Other features include software nozzle/tip change alignment routine for quick and automatic program change offsets and step-and-repeat functions for quick programming of multiple and identical objects.

  • 600mm x 600mm working area gantry robot
  • designed for work cells