True Flex Knee Pads

Sept. 4, 2013

Highly successful True Flex Knee Pad line has taken the next step with its 2013 redesign. New is the distinctive 5 strip grip strip that can tackle most any terrain with better grip. The grip strips are also designed as mini shock absorbers lessening impact to the user’s knee and body and also create a flat surface for a more stable base. Using different density foams for the inner pad the cushioning affect is  graduated from a comfortable soft cushion against the knee to a denser foam providing the user great comfort and an inner pad that last twice as long as a single foam bed. 

Along with the progressive density foam inner pad TSE, Inc. has developed the AVS-air vent system. Through a series of channels and holes air flows to the knee allowing the knee to breath and keep the user cooler. Being uniquely jointed to flex with the natural motion of the knee, very light weight and incredibly durable they are ideally suited for the extreme work environments they are used in such as large fabrication, welding, mining, hazmat, construction and all industrial safety applications where knee protection is needed. 

  • 5 strip grip strip
  • different density foams for the inner pad