Sintered NEG Pump Series

Oct. 12, 2022
The Gamma Vacuum sintered NEG pump series features increased pumping performance and a wide pumping speed range.

The sintered NEG pump series ranges from 50 l/s up to 400 l/s in pumping speed: 50NS, 100NS, 200NS, 300NS, 400NS, 410NS. The NEG (non-evaporable getter) pumps are mounted on a DN 40 CF flange. The first five pumps have a 3-pin feedthrough. In order to fulfil customers’ requests, the 410MS is equipped with a special 4-pin feedthrough while featuring the same pumping speed as the 400NS.


In research, medicine, industry, and analytics, they reach pressures of less than 1x10-10 mbar due to their operating principle. Due to their superior hydrogen pumping speed, they are especially well-suited in the ultra-high vacuum range where hydrogen is the dominant gas species.


NEG pumps are gas-capturing pumps that bind gases by means of sorption, resulting in low energy consumption, little noise, and no vibration. They have no moving components and are maintenance-free. A NEG pump can be installed and operated in any orientation, even in confined spaces, and it provides a practical way to maintain ultra-high vacuum pressures over a long period of time.

  • 50NS
  • 100NS
  • 200NS
  • 300NS
  • 400NS
  • 410NS