Rotary Actuators - Exlar

Oct. 1, 2013

Exlar Corporation announces the expansion of its SL Series rotary motors and gearmotors with a new 75 mm frame size. With torque to 36 lbf/in. continuous and 73 lbf/in. peak, the 75 mm delivers a small package with high power. Exlar’s SL Series brushless servomotor and gearmotor line offers the highest torque-to-size ratio in motion control today. 

The improved torque performance of the SL Series motor is the result of Exlar’s T-LAM™ segmented motor stator design, where each segment contains individual phase wiring, and thus limits heat generation. Certifications for the SL Series motors includes UL, CE and CSA Class I, Division 2. Six frame sizes are available in the SL Series: 60, 75, 90, 115, 142 and 180 mm frames. 

The brushless servo design of the SLM Series linear actuators allows them to be used in state-of-the art, closed-loop servo systems, where electronic control of positioning and velocity is required. SL Series motors and gearmotors are suitable for use in many demanding applications, including automatic tool changers, dispensing, wire guiding, chip and wafer handling, robot manipulation, testing, web guidance, indexing material cutting, tension control, volumetric pumps, simulation testing, automated assembly, injection molding and riveting, joining and fastening.

  • 75 mm frame size
  • torque to 36 lbf/in. continuous
  • small package with high power